Getting There

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The cottage addresses are: 1084 East Lakeshore Drive and 1090 East Lakeshore Drive.

The two cottages are situated in Colchester, a rural Vermont town that overlooks a small bay on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain (the lake that forms the border between New York and Vermont). Colchester is about 20 minutes from Burlington, Vermont’s largest city. It is less than a days drive from New York City or Boston and about 90 miles from Montreal.

ferryOne of the most interesting parts of the drive to is the ferry ride! The ferries are the true “bridge” between New York and Vermont.

There are two main crossings you would take; the Port Kent, NY – Burlington, VT and the Essex, NY – Charlotte, VT crossing. You can tell small children to keep their eyes peeled for “Champ,” Lake Champlain’s version of the Loch Ness Monster (there have been no reliable sightings of Champ, perhaps you could be the first?)